Can a young man outrun his pirate blood in the New World?

Can a young man outrun his pirate blood in the New World?

The Pirate’s Bastard is a rollicking ride through colonial North Carolina and beyond with Edward Marshall, illegitimate son of infamous pirate Stede Bonnet. Edward tries hard to separate his past from his future. But will his father’s former right-hand man ruin it all with blackmail? (This book is suitable for historical sea adventure fans ages 13 and up.)

North Carolina Historical Fiction Award Nominee
B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree


A fine addition to any historical fiction collection
Having a pirate for a father leads to more harm than good. “The Pirate’s Bastard” is an adventurous tale following Edward Marshall as he’s dragged into his father’s trade by Ignatious Pell, a friend of his father and has plenty of blackmail to counter Edward’s protests. A fun story of treasure hunting and the notoriety of the father, “The Pirate’s Bastard” is a fine addition to any historical fiction collection.
~Midwest Book Review

Best Historical Fiction!
This mystery of the mid-1700s is told briskly and interestingly. In fact, it is one of the best historical fictions I have read about Stede Bonnet. Ever since moving here, I have been enthralled with Stede Bonnet tales. Wharton is so descriptive with words which adds greatly to the suspensefulness in this love story. With imagery and mounting intensity, I could not put her book down. Laura Wharton has written stories since she was a small child. She is a freelance writer and novelist. Research and her desire to write helped her to pen this amazing novel. A love of sailing and a passion for history penetrates her writing.
~Jackie Iler, State Port Pilot Newspaper

Excellent Read
Ms. Wharton has impressed me by the amount of time she has spent making sure everything was correct for the time period that this book takes place in. Everything is right on the mark. This book is Historical Fiction and an excellent read.
~Sandra Heptinstall, Whispering Winds Book Reviews

Well written, fast paced
Author Laura Wharton brings to light what is still so prevalent today: Judgment by wealth, race, class and heritage. Prejudice still runs wild in many states, cities, countries and towns in this world. Even in the 1700s someone born out of wedlock was considered less than human and worthy of friendship. Loyalty, friendship, love, understanding and the courage of one woman keeps him centered, focused and true to his course. Finding a better place for himself is what he wanted to do. Will Edward ever find peace and his better place? Let’s hope the author brings him and his crew back for a sequel so we can find out what is next for Edward Marshall. Well written and fast paced filled with interesting stories about ship building, the colonies and plantation life, author Laura Wharton brings to life a interesting period in time and we learn that Edward Marshall is much more than just a Pirate’s Bastard.
~Fran Lewis, New York Reviewer

Wharton Paints a Vivid Picture
Edward Marshall’s future as a shipbuilder in colonial North Carolina is filled with promise until his past confronts him. Ignatius Pell, boatswain to Edward’s errant pirate father, has a plan. It involves voyaging to the Caribbean to find hidden treasure once belonging to the pirate Stede Bonnet. When Edward refuses to get involved, Pell uncorks his final offer: Blackmail. Author Laura S. Wharton has certainly done her homework. There’s gobs of information about ships and riggings and boat-building. Her detail paints a very vivid picture in the mind of the reader. The story takes place mostly in North Carolina but some in Barbados—a great place for this reader to run away to during the throes of a Minnesota winter. Hero Edward Marshall is an admirable character even if his father is not…or rather in spite of his father. All in all, if ye be a pirate at heart, you might want to take a look at The Pirate’s Bastard.
~Review by Michelle Griep

This is a very well written and entertaining book.
~Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine

PBS Needs This Story
The historical detail was vivid and the storyline kept my attention. It also reminded me of the style of book that would show up on the Masterpiece series on PBS (a good thing). This was a nice read.
~Reader Review

All that’s missing is the big screen!
Wharton’s vivid attention to maritime detail transported me to the 1700’s to the sugar plantations of Barbados, then to the shipyards of Brunswick, North Carolina. I was riveted to the tale of young Edward Marshall, illegitimate son of pirate, Stede Bonnet and his French mistress. In Edward’s quest to be accepted into society and ultimately a life at sea, he becomes entangled in dark secrets, a tempting treasure hunt, a chance at love, and worst of all, blackmail. The Pirate’s Bastard is a must-read for young and old craving a salty bit of adventure! All that’s missing is the big screen!
~Reader Review