Referred to as the American P.D. James, Laura S. Wharton is the author of sea adventure/suspense/mystery novels for adults and mysteries for children. Award-winning adult titles include Deceived: A Sam McClellan Tale, The Pirate’s Bastard, and Leaving Lukens. Wharton also is the author of four mysteries for children, including the popular award-winning Mystery at the Lake House series, and others. Most of her books involve adventure, fun, a little history, and sailboats. (She is a recovering sailor who could backslide at any moment!)


Laura has been writing professionally for over 20 years. After many years in journalism, public relations and advertising, she switched to technical documentation. A leap from there to writing fiction, perhaps, but stories can be found everywhere. Besides, creativity can be found in many places. Though raised near Annapolis, Maryland, Laura has lived from the mountains to the coast of  North Carolina since 1989, and can be found currently in the Piedmont region. Or on a boat. Boats are good. You should try them sometime.

Laura is delighted to give interviews. Just use the contact form, and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.