Deceived is the first of a fast-paced adventure series

Deceived is the first of a fast-paced adventure series.

The beach life isn’t sunny for Detective Sam McClellan—not after he just lost his partner in a brutal killing that makes no sense. The truth pulls at him like an undertow as he uncovers an extensive drug trafficking scheme in the idyllic beach resort communities of North Carolina. With the help of sassy sidekick Molly Monroe and tips from some shady characters, Sam finds himself in one dangerous situation after another. Drowning in waves of trouble crashing around him, will Sam be able to save himself and the people he most cares about in time?

The project shows itself to be more challenging and dangerous when a disheveled-looking man shows up at Lily’s office bearing a special, possibly deadly, gift.


Ultimately…terrifying in its implacability!
This book was wonderful, absolutely fantastic! I adored it! I went into this book thinking “oh, this seems like it will be a nice story.” And, wow, did Deceived exceed my expectations and blow me away. This smartly written, thought-provoking novel is a must read for any fan of fiction.
~James Hill

 Finally, America has a comparable P.D.James!
I have read more than 400 murder mysteries and the majority were mostly average. It is rare to come across an author who devotes great skill in describing a scene so well that you can envelope yourself into the writing and be taken along with the rest. P.D. James is a master and I think we now have an American P.D. James with Laura S. Wharton! I can smell the beaches, see the beautiful boats and feel the warmth of the sun. I cannot wait for Surge (next Sam McClellan novel)!
~Anne-Marie Taylor

Seriously great entertainment
I love Laura Wharton’s character Sam McClellan. He just seems like an all-around good guy, lives near a beach and he’s smart too. What’s not to like. This was my first book by her and it won’t be my last. The book started off with a bang, literally (Sam’s partner, while sitting in the cop car, was shot while Sam was inside a convenience store) and led me through a multitude of suspects, good cops, bad cops, and just plain nice strangers. It was seriously fast paced and sometimes I had to read things twice because my adrenaline was going so fast that my brain couldn’t keep up. This was seriously great entertainment and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast paced mysteries.
~Debbie Krenzer

 What a fun read! I am familiar with the beach towns…
What a fun read! I am familiar with the beach towns represented in this mystery – what a nice treat to be able to picture this story taking place in locations that I know. Can’t wait for the next installment of the adventures of Sam and to see what’s in store for his relationship with Molly.
~Linda Proctor, North Carolina Reader

Had a hard time putting it down
I love a good mystery, Deceived didn’t disappoint. Right away we learn of Officer Sam McClellans partner and friend Lee’s murder. After Lee is murdered on duty, Sam’s world is turned upside down. Sam is suspended and named a suspect in the murder, which sets Sam on a mission to find the killers. After someone tries to kill Sam, he meets a woman, Molly, who will be extremely helpful to the investigation, and to Sam’s personal life as well. Sam finds deceit and lies around every corner. Bad cops, drug trafficking, murder. Who can Sam trust? The investigation goes further than expected, many lives are in danger. As Sam and Molly delve into the drug trafficking scene, they discover they have more win common than they ever thought possible. Molly’s brother’s murder may be connected to Lee’s. Together they will uncover the truth. Then maybe uncover a little ore of each other. This book was a very good read, I had a hard time putting it down. If you like a good mystery, you should enjoy this one.
~Amy Bartley, Good Reads Reviewer

A Good old-fashioned mystery
I love a good old fashioned mystery and this book is just that. The author writes a fast-paced and interesting story with the perfect blend of mystery and character personality.
~Carol Custer

Looking forward to the next Sam McClellan Tale!
As a cruiser and part-time live-aboard, I believe that if we met Sam in a marina during our travels we would enjoy sharing a cocktail with him and listen to him share his adventures! I love Laura’s books, each one I tend to read in just a day or two since I can’t seem to put it down. She pays close attention to detail and keeps the suspense coming. I look forward to the next Sam McClellan Tale!
~Susan McCoy

 New Series Features Crime-Solving Cop and Power-Boating Female Sidekick
Officer Sam McClellan and his partner, Lee, have stopped at a convenience store, and Sam has gone inside to buy a bag of Fritos. Meanwhile, a drive-by shooter kills Lee in Sam’s car. But what first appears to be a random act of crime soon reveals itself to be a huge cover-up of dirty secrets, drugs, prostitution, and backstabbing friends in award-winning author Laura Wharton’s new novel, Deceived. Deceived is the first novel in a new series featuring Sam McClellan. Besides its plot’s many twists and turns, the novel is filled with a mix of humorous and devious characters, a touch of romance, and a pleasantly descriptive local setting along the coast of North Carolina with its many beach communities. Laura Wharton, who has also written the coastal North Carolina novels The Pirate’s Bastard and Leaving Lukens, is obviously a fan of sailing because she deftly weaves her boating passion and marine knowledge into this complex tale of intrigue, betrayal, and high stakes adventure on the open water. Nor is Wharton new to the mystery genre. She is the coauthor, along with her son Will Wharton, of the young adult Mystery at the Lake House series. Now she has turned her hand to adult mysteries, and in doing so, she provides enough drama and action to keep her readers riveted to their seats, both fearing for the main characters and cheering them on, while also trying to guess who is a criminal and who a friend.
~Tyler R. Tichelaar

A fun read!
This is a fun read! Living on Carolina Beach and spending loads of time in Wilmington and Leland, it’s neat to read the descriptors as accurately as portrayed. Can’t wait to see what fun, I mean trouble, Sam and Molly get into in “Stung”.
~Nancy Clemons, North Carolina Reader

Really liked it
I was drawn to Laura S. Wharton’s book when I was looking for a nautical summer read. After 40 years on the water, we’re finally boatless, so I needed a fix. The author didn’t let me down. The backdrop of the marinas and coves of the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina was so ever-present, I could smell the salt grass and fried seafood while I turned the pages. The action sequences aboard were handled with solid expertise, to the point where this old salt stopped noticing and allowed himself to become immersed in the world of the characters. Local police officer Sam McClellan is a really engaging, “boatyard” kind of guy who is struggling with survivor guilt and his loyalty to his recently murdered partner. There is something seriously evil casting an ever-widening net, but Sam seems to be adrift until help arrives in the form of a quirky female hitchhiker. Unlikely partners, she and Sam enter a twisting, shadowy world of drug mules and self-anointed kingpins. Even his assumed loyal fellow police officers are not really there for him. Author Wharton takes the reader on a wild, memorable ride through all kinds of oddball scenarios and the players uncovered at the end make the trip worthwhile. If you’re looking for a well-paced Summer Mystery read with seagulls’ cries and rum drinks, pick up a copy today. I’ll be looking forward to the next book in the series.
~Richard Sutton

Fast Paced and Excellent North Carolina Read
This was a really great read! The story and characters are engaging and it moves pretty fast right from the beginning. The descriptions of the towns, waterways and beaches of North Carolina are very accurate and if you know the area, resonate with familiarity and are accurate and described with affection. Went ahead and ordered another book from the author but am looking forward to the next one in this series.
~Amazon Customer

Deceived in more ways than one
Sometimes life can be unpredictable and the outside façade of a person hiding their real persona. When stopping at a small convenience store, Detective Sam McClellan and his partner, Lee, never expect the end result. A bag of Fritos would cost Lee his life as someone decided to take a shot at Lee while in Sam’s car. Imagine seeing your best friend and partner blown to pieces and having to deal with more than just the fall out. Finding his way back to his home, a houseboat, Sam finds himself facing even more destruction. Someone has targeted him but why? Someone has ransacked his boat leaving him to wonder what he or she were looking for and what he might know that would cause this to happen. But, although some would think that this is a drive by shooting and a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, deceptions will be revealed, lies uncovered in a small and quiet town where a strong undercurrent is about to rise and deep secrets will come to the surface. Drugs, prostitution, betrayals, cover-ups and distrust are just some of what author Laura Wharton uncovers for readers in one of many mysteries: Deceived.
~Amazon Customer

Excellent read. Hard to put it down!
~Kathy A Foster

 I love this author!
Always enjoy Laura S. Wharton’s books! A great read!
~Amazon Customer